Brick Veneer Bellevue

Brick-Veneer-Bellevue-WASo you've finally decided to buckle down and renovate your home with brick – congratulations! You have many decisions ahead of you, but for now you are probably wondering:

• Whether you should use brick or veneer
• Whether you should use thin brick veneer or bricks
• Whether you should use masonry veneer instead of thin brick veneer

Brick veneer is a legitimate (and less expensive) alternative to laying a brick wall. Whether or not you choose to use thin brick veneer is your decision, and neither will change the simple fact that veneer looks almost identical to the real thing.

If you want your home to have that homey feeling of brick, consider cutting yourself some slack and getting thin brick veneer instead.

As a product, thin brick veneer is more affordable than true bricks, and is certainly less expensive than masonry veneer. Because it is lighter, it is also easier to install. It doesn't require expertise like masonry veneer does, and you can do it yourself if necessary.

However, in order to get an aesthetically pleasing end product, it is best if you hire professionals – all of the masons at Precision Masonry would be more than happy to help.

Thin Brick Veneers Bellevue

Thin Brick Veneers Bellevue WAWhether you're finishing a fireplace, refinishing a basement, or beautifying the outside of your home, thin brick veneer is an effective and affordable way to fix up your place.

You may not want to invest in masonry veneer, but thin brick veneer is a highly viable and more affordable alternative.

There are essentially four shapes for thin brick veneer and masonry veneer:

• Straight pieces
• Corner pieces
• Vertical L-shaped pieces
• Horizontal L-shaped pieces

The bent pieces come in both inward-facing and outward-facing varieties – part of the beauty of thin brick veneer is its ability to fit along almost any kind of wall. Because of the way they are manufactured, the pieces can withstand all of the wear and tear with which the indoors and outdoors can hit them.

Masonry Veneer Bellevue

Masonry-Veneer-Bellevue-WAWe prepare masonry veneer, thin brick veneer, and many other kinds of faux wall structures. Some of the benefits of masonry veneer are:

• Masonry veneer isn't a true wall, making it less expensive
• Masonry veneer provides extra insulation
• Masonry veneer allows for extra drainage, preserving your base structure

While it isn't actually all stone, masonry veneer still looks beautiful and can be an affordable option – whether you're a business or an individual.