Chimney Repair Bellevue

Chimney-Repair-Bellevue-WAAfter you have used your chimney for sometime, you might begin experiencing chimney problems or needing a chimney repair. On some occasions, chimney repair services will not be needed immediately.

However, the longer you delay a necessary chimney repair, the more work will be needed later.

Our company, Precision Masonry, provides stone and brick chimney repair services, as well as chimney restoration services for commercial and residential properties. Our experienced and professional employees can manage any chimney repair.

In addition, we usually recommend to include chimney caps and tuck pointing during any chimney repair.

When hiring the services for stone or brick chimney repair and restoration, the following needs to be considered:

• The price and duration of the brick chimney repair
• The necessity for new chimney caps and the price of the chimney caps
• The need for tuck pointing and the price of the tuck pointing service

Many people wait too long to hire a chimney repair service—some time until the whole chimney has broken down. Such a situation would require a complete reconstruction plus tuck pointing, which can be costly. Using chimney caps and tuck pointing is highly recommended by our staff.

Chimney Caps Bellevue

Chimney-Caps-Bellevue-WAMany people ask why we so often recommend chimney caps after a chimney repair. Chimney caps can prevent many future problems. For example, animals or natural elements often can enter the house through the chimney if there are no chimney caps.

We have worked on many cases where people had chimney problems because they did not include chimney caps and tuck pointing during the chimney construction.

The chimney caps provide protection against the following:

• Animals
• Natural elements
• Debris

All of these can cause serious problems and damage. This is why chimney caps are very important and why we highly recommend chimney caps in order to save time and money in the future.

Tuck Pointing Bellevue

Tuck-Pointing-Bellevue-WAThere are many reasons why tuck pointing is very important, some of which are the following:

• Tuck pointing stops corrosion of the joints in the mortar of the chimney
• Tuck pointing restores the stability of the structure of the chimney
• Tuck pointing prevents the water entry into the chimney
• Tuck pointing improves the condition of the stone or brick masonry

Our company is valued and recommended because of our professionalism, honesty, reliability, and affordability that we offer to each of our clients, general contractors, architects, and others.

We are a leading company in the industry with years of experience; and we believe strongly in quality and full satisfaction for each customer’s requirements and expectations.