Chimney Repair Kirkland

Chimney-Repair-Kirkland-WAChimneys and fireplaces are important to residents in the Kirkland area and beyond.

And while they are built to function properly for many years, over time there may be chimney repair requirements for residents in the Kirkland and surrounding area, including chimney caps and tuck pointing as a result of:

  • Mortar decomposition requiring tuck pointing
  • Damaged chimney liners
  • Cracked chimney crowns requiring chimney repairs
  • Broken bricks requiring chimney repairs
  • Draft problems requiring chimney repairs
  • Flashing repair leaking chimney repairs
  • Brick spalling or separation of the brick face from the brick requiring chimney repairs
  • Water damage chimney repairs

For experienced full-service chimney repairs, chimney caps installation, and chimney tuck pointing for residents in the Kirkland and surrounding area, call Precision Masonry Services at 253-336-7404.

Chimney Caps Kirkland

Chimney-Caps-Kirkland-WAChimney caps are considered the most important part of the chimney because of exposure to weather and subsequent deterioration.

Fireplaces in the Kirkland and surrounding area need chimney caps! And while chimney caps are perhaps the least costly preventive measures on fireplaces in the Kirkland area and beyond, they are crucial to safety.

Chimney caps serve a number of essential purposes, such as:

  • Chimney caps prohibit destruction from elements such as ice, snow and rain
  • Prevention of birds and animals from nesting in your chimney
  • Chimney caps prevent accumulation of leaves and debris that can create a fire
  • Acidic deterioration from rain mixed with creosote can be avoided with chimney caps
  • Back drafts control with chimney caps

With proper installation of chimney caps and essential chimney repair, we can provide residents in the Kirkland and surrounding area with fireplaces that are significantly more efficient.

Tuck Pointing Kirkland

Tuck-Pointing-Kirkland-WAThere are numerous benefits for residents in the Kirkland area and beyond to tuck pointing, such as:

  • Restoration of structural stability of the chimney with tuck pointing
  • Tuck pointing helps in prevention of water entry into the brick wall cavity
  • Tuck pointing is essential in prevention of mortar joints corrosion

If you own a fireplace in the Kirkland and surrounding area, it is essential for you to preserve the life of your chimney with timely chimney repair, chimney caps installation and tuck pointing.

Call Precision Masonry Services for a reliable assessment of your chimney and venting system and to learn how tuck pointing may prevent costly chimney repair from excessive deterioration due to erosion of the mortar joints. 253-336-7404