Chimney Repair Redmond

Chimney-Repair-Redmond-WAChimney repair and maintenance is easily overlooked as a routine maintenance requirement for homes with chimneys in the Renton and surrounding area.

Whether your chimney is old or new, there could be potentially dangerous problems that may be undetected by an untrained eye, but in serious need of chimney repair.

Our chimney repair specialists serving Renton and the surrounding area will focus their inspection on potential issues, such as:

  • Acidic deterioration of liners
  • Danger flue blockage resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Chimney repair to prevent creosote buildup
  • Draft problems requiring chimney repairs
  • Cracked chimney crowns requiring chimney repairs
  • Mortar decomposition requiring tuck pointing

We provide full-service chimney repairs, chimney caps installation and chimney tuck pointing in the Renton and surrounding area. Call Precision Masonry Services at 253-336-7404.

Chimney Caps Redmond

Chimney-Caps-Redmond-WAYou may be questioning whether installation of chimney caps is essential.

Chimney caps are relatively inexpensive, but can save incredible amounts in chimney repair for residents of Renton and the surrounding area.

While chimneys function reasonably well without chimney caps, there are many benefits to their installation, such as:

  • Chimney caps prevent animal and bird nesting in chimneys
  • Chimney caps keep debris and leaves from entering the flue
  • Chimney caps prohibit destruction from ice, snow and rain
  • Back draft control with chimney caps
  • Chimney caps act as spark arrestors

We can assist you with style, material and durability of chimney caps that will provide the best performance for residents in the Renton area and beyond.

Tuck Pointing Redmond

Tuck-Pointing-Redmond-WATuck pointing may sound foreign to you, but it is a priority maintenance task for repair of mortar joints for property owners from Renton and the surrounding area.

Basically, tuck pointing is the most cost-effective method of repairing damaged mortar joints. And when those joints are allowed to deteriorate, there is potential for chimney collapse and necessity for a complete rebuild.

Consider these benefits for property owners in the Renton area and beyond:

  • Tuck pointing helps maintain structural integrity
  • Tuck pointing increases resistance water penetration of brick masonry
  • Tuck pointing can repair mortar erosion and hairline cracks
  • Tuck pointing reduces brick failure such as spalling

For professional advice and a reliable assessment of your chimney and venting system, and to learn how tuck pointing may prevent costly chimney repair from excessive deterioration due to erosion of the mortar joints, call Precision Masonry Services at 253-336-7404.