Stone Fireplace Bellevue

Stone-Fireplace-Bellevue-WAThe purpose of a fireplace is to create a safe, warm, and inviting environment in your room. A stone fireplace is a great and effective way to hearken to unspoken cultural ideals and beautify your home. Really, any fireplace can do that – be it a brick fireplace or a natural stone fireplace.

Refinishing a fireplace with fireplace stone, building a new brick fireplace, or cleaning up your stone fireplace can make your home feel as if it's a completely new place. An investment in a stone fireplace:

• Adds a rugged and wild look to your room
• Warms up faster and stays warm longer
• Doesn't get dangerously hot
• Can be installed into any appropriate room

Knowing the different fireplace stone options can be helpful in deciding what kind of stone fireplace you really want. A brick fireplace is also a good option when choosing fireplace stone, because it's a subtler form of a stone fireplace.

Fireplace Install Bellevue

Fireplace Install Bellevue WAThere are as many different types of fireplace stone as there are quarries on earth. Cobblestone, dry stack, granite, slate, sandstone—you can have a stone fireplace in almost any shade and texture.

And, if true fireplace stone is too expensive or structurally difficult, you can always get faux fireplace stone or just put in a brick fireplace.

Here are some suggestions for choosing fireplace stone for your stone fireplace:

• Look at the sample of the stone fireplace, not just the fireplace stone
• Choose your color wisely – see the fireplace stone for yourself
• Don't DIY – let a practiced mason craft an art piece for you

A less expensive fireplace stone is brick. A brick fireplace is as classic and American as a stone fireplace is modern and beautiful.

Brick Fireplace Bellevue

Brick-Fireplace-Bellevue-WAIf you're considering tearing off the bricks from your brick fireplace to make way for a stone fireplace, think again. A brick fireplace comes in more than just the traditional red variety, and can be a simpler alternative to a stone fireplace.

If you have a metal fireplace, you can construct a mantel and surround it with brick much more cheaply than with stone. Here at Precision Masonry, we can:

• Install your brick fireplace at an affordable rate
• Help you build a brick fireplace for your home
• Help you choose whether to use gas or wood for your brick fireplace

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